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For all Internet Explorer (IE) users, I recommend using GOOGLE CHROME for the best gay furry porn experience! These include:

*Access to view all pictures (IE can not do this for some reason)

*Faster loading times especially for tumblr because tumblr has lots of traffic

If you haven't noticed already, this blog contains NSFW explicit material of gay furry pornography. If you don't like what you see, please leave the blog (or stick around, I don't care).

If you haven't already, please follow my other blog. They kind of work back to back.
This is where I will be posting artwork from various artists. Who knows? You may find an artist that you like. Also, check out my other blogs and other furry blogs under the "Links" tab.

My followers are very important to me and their opinions and ideas are a top priority of mine. Without you guys, this blog would not even exist. If there is something that you don't like, or if there is something you like to see changed on this blog feel free to message me about your concerns. In fact, message me about anything. We can just talk about whatever the hell you want. I am a bit shy though so I may hold back a bit.

I want my viewers to enjoy this blog that I have made. Again, if you have any questions or ideas, don't be afraid to ask! Type in any problems, questions, or ideas that you may have in the "message" link and I'll try to get back to everyone.

Enjoy your time here and have FUN! :)

New artists:

  • Kenn
  • Coal

More artists pics posted!

Anonymous Ask now available. :D

New background for page “Polls and Surveys”

New Poll/Survey: “What would you like to see on Gayfurryporn?” Vote now!

Alright! Got it!

  • Coal (posted a few)
  • Blackmailz (cant find, need help?)
  • Fasttrack (posted, finding more)
  • KENN (posted)
  • Spookeedoo (posted, finding more)

I’ve just posted a few for Fasttrack on my art blog but Ill find more. One quick question, is it specifically fasttrack37d or can I just call it fasttrack?

Does anyone know a source to find Coal art? Its quite difficult to find because the name is so general.  Nvm found some. :)

I could only find Blackmailz comic of “Our Secret.” I will be making another page for comics separately. I cant find separate artworks from him though.

Ill try to post a collection of pics for an artist on Gayfurrypornart. Does anyone want me to focus on a specific artist?

In the mean time I will post a few pics here and there. :)

To be honest I really miss you guys. Sorry that I have been gone for so long. I dont really have any proper excuse… Im sorry.. I feel like i’ve let yall down..

Say goodbye to Gayfurryporn’s Hall of Fame! The hall of fame has been replaced with a new page called “links” (for simpler reasons). Some of my other blogs are listed on here and other great blogs that I’ve found on tumblr. Check them out!

Sadly, this is the only thing that I’ve “updated” so far and I know it’s not much… I’m making a poll about the planned updates that I have so far. You guys can vote on what you would like to see updated first.

Here is the new poll/survey:

If there is something that you guys want on my blog or if you want to contribute any ideas, please feel free to message me. There are so many things that I still haven’t done yet, but I will try my best to get all of it done.